LinkedIn Makes It Easier to Interact with Influencer Posts and Discover Thought Leaders

LinkedIn introduced the exclusive “Influencer” category in late 2012, giving professionals the ability to follow the thoughts of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, executives, philanthropists, and politicians. The feature has since seen huge success – just look at Bill Gates’ first post, which received 1 million page views in its first 48 hours. Over 300 Influencers posting helpful, thought provoking narratives about their experiences of a variety of professional issues. Now LinkedIn makes it easier to interact with Influencer posts, start relevant conversations with other users, and discover new Influencers to follow.

The Actress Blew Up: Here’s What Actually Happened During Your Favorite Movie [GIFs]

Have you ever been so fed up with a romance movie you found yourself wishing for mild destruction to change up the plot a little? Your wish is the command of the Exploding Actresses Tumblr, where you can watch characters from (in)famous romance flicks blow up before before your very eyes. Now Snow White will… Continue reading The Actress Blew Up: Here’s What Actually Happened During Your Favorite Movie [GIFs]

The State of Apple [COMIC]

Sure, a number of “Apple is doomed” stories have surfaced recently, but it can be hard to tell sensational journalism apart from accurate critical commentary. So what is the real status of the tech giant? While Apple iOS appears to be losing market share to Android, Apple execs can still enjoy a few laughs at… Continue reading The State of Apple [COMIC]

Why You Should Get Rid of the Internet [COMIC]

You use the internet to accomplish almost every task of your daily life, and then some. Have a question for your boss? You write an email. Want to make your friends jealous of your prix fixe meal at Restaurant Week? You post a couple pics to Instagram. That’s all fine and good, but in certain circumstances you wish you could escape the internet’s wrath. Like when you’re on vacation and you receive an “urgent” email from your boss. Once you see the message the assignment will haunt you, making you wish your smartphone would magically drown itself in the ocean and leave you to enjoy the Bahamas with no responsibilities to the Real World. Somehow the internet has permeated every part of your life and, when you think back to life before “.com” you realize it may be more of a curse than a blessing. Is it time you rid yourself of the internet?

17 Best Social Media Groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Groups are a great place for like-minded professionals with similar interests to share and discover new content, ask questions, post and find jobs, make new business contacts, and more. There are thousands of LinkedIn Groups covering every area, and each provides a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert in your field.… Continue reading 17 Best Social Media Groups on LinkedIn

Growing a Balanced Link Profile

Gardening is very similar to SEO. You have to put a lot of effort in to get a lot out. It’s tedious work and particularly frustrating sometimes when the seed you plant goes to waste or doesn’t grow as beautifully as those randomly in the wild. Sometimes I feel my garden would do much better… Continue reading Growing a Balanced Link Profile

A Useful Idea For Social Media Psychology

I’m assuming that since you’re reading this you’re probably a marketer of some kind, using social media as a means of transport to your next sale or follower, and that’s great!  With the ever evolving, and sometimes revolving, door of social media, it’s good to know what you’re doing in this arena. But I’ve noticed… Continue reading A Useful Idea For Social Media Psychology

10 Strange ‘Currency Collages’ Made Out of Dollar Bills

What would you do with some extra cash? Most people either look to save it or spend it, but artist Mark Wagner actually drops his dough into humorous Currency Collages of presidential characters, animals and landscapes. After getting a look at this expensive collection, you could make an assumption the artist has a thing for… Continue reading 10 Strange ‘Currency Collages’ Made Out of Dollar Bills