The Modern Day Proposal

For years, philosophers have pondered many questions that challenge our observations and perceptions of reality. Like, “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Fast forward to modern times and new existential issues have surfaced regarding how our behavior online relates to our… Continue reading The Modern Day Proposal

Facebook Status Updates Are Broken

Having trouble posting to Facebook? Currently all post updates are not publishing, and an error message appears when you try to post. This isn’t the first time the social network giant is presenting technical issues for users. This problem seems to be affecting all users according to Mashable, which tested the status update feature from… Continue reading Facebook Status Updates Are Broken

The State of Apple [COMIC]

Sure, a number of “Apple is doomed” stories have surfaced recently, but it can be hard to tell sensational journalism apart from accurate critical commentary. So what is the real status of the tech giant? While Apple iOS appears to be losing market share to Android, Apple execs can still enjoy a few laughs at… Continue reading The State of Apple [COMIC]