What Frame of Mind Are You In? [COMIC]

What frame of mind are you in today? A creative one? A rosy one? Or are you maybe seeing things a bit surreally today? Orthodontist and cartoonist Grant Snider of Incidental Comics illustrated different frames of mind, using actual frames to express particular moods. So, what frame of mind are you in?  

The Six Types of Gamer Couples [COMIC]

If you and your significant other like to play video games together, then you probably are one of six types of gamer couples. Illustrator George Rottkamp created a comic for the fandom website Dorkly portraying those six couples, from the “Perfect Pair” who dominate the game in harmony to the “Cutthroat Couple” who fight each… Continue reading The Six Types of Gamer Couples [COMIC]

What Kind of Lattes Do Pumpkins Drink? [COMIC]

It’s that time of the year again, when “everything Fall” is not only acceptable but encouraged: putting pumpkins on our doorsteps, wearing plaid shirts and vests, crunching leaves beneath our feet and those ever-so-popular pumpkin spice lattes. Yes, we just love those pumpkin lattes, but did you ever wonder what kinds of lattes pumpkins drink… Continue reading What Kind of Lattes Do Pumpkins Drink? [COMIC]

What if Real Life Was More Like Sports? [COMIC]

Everybody around the world loves sports, whether it’s watching them, playing them or talking about them. And we all have a favorite sport to watch and a favorite team to cheer for. So why isn’t real life more like sports? Thanks to College Humor, we can see what it would be like:

What’s the Difference between Doodling and Art?

When it comes to the appreciation of fine art, they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But whose to say your child’s drawings are any less artistic than a painting on the wall? It turns out art is often relative to location, where one man’s doodle can be another’s priceless work of… Continue reading What’s the Difference between Doodling and Art?

Don’t Shoot the Messenger [COMIC]

Human nature often makes us want to blame the bearer of bad news. But if you heard the latest shocking news from Facebook’s Messenger app, no one could blame you for being alarmed. Now Facebook will force users to use this app when sending people messages on the phone (instead of through the normal Facebook… Continue reading Don’t Shoot the Messenger [COMIC]