17 Best Social Media Groups on LinkedIn

best social media groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Groups are a great place for like-minded professionals with similar interests to share and discover new content, ask questions, post and find jobs, make new business contacts, and more. There are thousands of LinkedIn Groups covering every area, and each provides a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert in your field. The key to using the groups to their fullest is to identify which could be of value to you and learn the best practices for engaging the groups’ members which generally includes submitting relevant content, taking part in people’s conversations and of course not spamming all the members!

Today we’re going to look at the best social media groups on LinkedIn. If you are a social media or community manager, content marketer, website owner, or just a Facebook fanatic, these groups foster some of the best discussions on social media and most intriguing dialogues on LinkedIn, period.

1 Social Media Marketing

social media marketingCreated: March 6, 2008
Members: 651,580

Bio: This is the largest and most active social media marketing group on LinkedIn, with over 650,000 members and 20 subgroups for special interests, such as Social Media Marketing & NonProfits, Social Media & Politics, etc. It is intended for interactive advertising and marketing professionals who are actively engaged in social media and community-oriented websites around the world. It is highly moderated by 28 professionals to keep this forum spam-free, focused, and productive.

2 Social Media Today

social media todayCreated: March 6, 2008
Members: 108,498

Bio: There‚Äôs a lot of buzz out there about Social Media Today Join one of the web’s most established and best-regarded communities about social media and its implications for your business, your life and your planet. Also find us at socialmediatoday.com.

3 Social Media News

social media newsCreated: July 27, 2010
Members: 37,474

Bio: Engaging in All Things Social Media

4 Future Social Media

future social mediaCreated:
Members: 36,199

Bio: Future Social Media is linked to Europe’s largest event for digital, Internet World.

5 Intelligent Social Media

Intelligent Social MediaCreated: November 22, 2009
Members: 29,473

Bio: Do you ever wonder how best to participate in LinkedIn groups? We do, and we have created the Intelligent Social Media group to address this central question. This group will be actively managed and moderated – by joining you will be able to identify those areas of interest to you in the social media sphere, and network with your peers across all verticals and geographies grappling with the same problems, and more importantly, inspired by the enormous possibilities offered by the fast-evolving world of social media.

6 SEO and Social Media Marketing Tips and Secrets

SEO and Social Media Marketing Tips and SecretsCreated: April 27, 2010
Members: 14,039

Bio: Join our group to share and receive tips and secrets about SEO and social media marketing.

7 B2B Social Media

B2B Social MediaCreated: January 2, 2009
Members: 13,561

Bio: The world’s largest group of B2B social media professionals | Tips, tricks and inside secrets | 100% spam-free

8 Social Media & SEO

Social Media & SEOCreated: March 11, 2008
Members: 13,302

Bio: Social Media and SEO offers a friendly B2B networking environment for seo and social media marketing professionals who understand the rapidly evolving Social SEO space. We provide free industry white papers and reports to keep you up to date on trends and best practices.

Group discussions cover a wide variety of topics on B2B Internet Marketing, Advertising, B2B Social Media Marketing, B2B Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, SEM, SEO, Online Marketing, Internet Start-ups, eMarketing, Graphic Design and Social Media PR. Come join us!

9 Social Media Marketing Mavens

Social Media Marketing MavensCreated: January 7, 2009
Members: 12,916

Bio: This is a network for social media marketing mavens: Anyone involved in social media marketing, looking to learn more about it, folks who’ve created or manage online communities with marketing goals or are looking to set something up soon.

Posting social marketing news, blogs, case studies, questions, and resources is encouraged. Please do not post any spam; we want to make sure this group is useful for all.

10 The Social Media Marketing Network

The Social Media Marketing NetworkCreated: December 28, 2009
Members: 10,966

Bio: The “Social Media Marketing Network” is a community made up of social media professionals and professionals seeking to learn more about social media marketing. Each day there are new social media marketing articles, videos, and news posted to the group.

11 Social Media Marketers

Social Media MarketersCreated: November 9, 2008
Members: 10,465

Bio: Social Media Marketers Group is a LinkedIn Professional Group of digital marketing professionals focused on best methods for leveraging social media for marketing.

12 Innovations in Social Media Marketing

Innovations in Social Media MarketingCreated: April 29, 2010
Members: 8,947

Bio: This actively moderated group focuses exclusively on social media marketing, including: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube marketing; word-of-mouth marketing; engagement marketing; social media monitoring; social media advertising; social CRM and content marketing.

13 Social Media Marketing Experts

Social Media Marketing ExpertsCreated: August 3, 2009
Members: 5,185

Bio: If you are interested in the latest trends, tips, tools, case studies and discussiosn around marketing and social media this is the group for you.

14 The Social Media Strategies for Business Group

The Social Media Strategies for Business GroupCreated: September 22, 2009
Members: 4,951

Bio: A group to discuss, share information on, and learn about Social Media Strategy and how companies from startup & small business to the Fortune 500 enterprise can leverage sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Business Exchange, MySpace & blogs for business.

15 Twittering

TwitteringCreated: March 5, 2009
Members: 4,376

Bio: Twittering is for professionals who are interested in using twitter and social media more effectively for their business. Our goal is to have a wide range of professionals as members and for all of us to work together to develop the best tools for our own individual companies and organizations.

16 Social Media Analytics

Social Media AnalyticsCreated: December 1, 2008
Members: 3,965

Bio: Social Media Analytics is designed to allows all those interested in learning, sharing, and implementing best practices of Social Media Analytics throughout their organizations.

This is a group of creators and critics. We want thinkers!!

17 DashBurst – Social Media Marketing and Design

dashburst - social media marketing and designCreated: December 31, 2011
Members: 907

Bio: Your Guide to the Web & Social Media: The Latest in Technology, Business, Marketing and Design

That’s right, we have a LinkedIn group too! And although slightly younger than our other group brethren, it is a budding community for aspiring social media marketers and designers!

What are your favorite social media groups on LinkedIn?

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