LinkedIn Makes It Easier to Interact with Influencer Posts and Discover Thought Leaders

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LinkedIn introduced the exclusive “Influencer” category in late 2012, enabling professionals to follow the thoughts of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, executives, philanthropists, and politicians. The feature has since seen huge success – just look at Bill Gates’ first post, which received 1 million page views in its first 48 hours. Over 300 Influencers post helpful, thought provoking narratives about their experiences of a variety of professional issues.

Now LinkedIn makes it easier to interact with Influencer posts, start relevant conversations with other users, and discover new Influencers to follow.


Now “Like,” Comment, or Mention Other Users in Influencer Posts

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LinkedIn has always strove to spark meaningful conversation around important topics. Now engaging with other users on LinkedIn, even those you don’t know, will be easier. Starting today you will be able to “like” or respond directly to comments left on Influencer posts as well as mention other members in your comments. LinkedIn will notify you when you receive likes, comments, or mentions, enabling you to continue the conversation.

The network has also added a sorting feature for comments so you can view comments by “best,” newest, and oldest.


Now Search for Influencers

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Is there is a thought leader you like to follow but you’re not sure if she is present on LinkedIn? Now you can search for this Influencer and her most recent posts using LinkedIn’s main search bar.


Over 300 Influencers Use LinkedIn

Over 300 Influencers use LinkedIn to share their experiences, thoughts, and advice. Successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, and politicians like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, and Barack Obama post inspiring pieces to LinkedIn each week. On average, an Influencer post receives up to 24,955 views, 240 likes, and 94 comments. Among those who follow Influencers, 49% are director-level and above while 22% are entry-level professionals. This gives you wide-ranging potential for the types of conversations you can engage in around Influencer posts. What’s more, know when and how to engage: most LinkedIn users look to Influencer posts at 8 a.m. and the most popular Influencer industries are marketing and advertising, information technology and services, and financial services.

For more information on LinkedIn’s Influencers, check out this infographic:

LinkedIn Influencers Infographic
Richard Branson is one of my favorite Influencers to follow on LinkedIn. Who are your favorite Influencers? Share with us in the comments section!

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