The Actress Blew Up: Here’s What Actually Happened During Your Favorite Movie [GIFs]

titantic exploding actresses gif

Have you ever been so fed up with a romance movie you found yourself wishing for mild destruction to change up the plot a little? Your wish is the command of the Exploding Actresses Tumblr, where you can watch characters from (in)famous romance flicks blow up before before your very eyes. Now Snow White will stop crying, Maria from The Sound of Music will stop singing, and you’ll go on with your day a little happier.

titantic exploding actresses gif

snow white exploding actresses gif

exploding actresses gif

the sound of music exploding actresses gif

when harry met sally exploding actresses gif

keira knightley exploding actresses gif
Can’t get enough? Check out this video for a mashup of exploding actress takes starring Johnny Depp:


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