Why You Should Get Rid of the Internet [COMIC]

You use the internet to accomplish almost every task of your daily life and then some. Have a question for your boss? You write an email. Want to make your friends jealous of your prix fixe meal at Restaurant Week? You post a couple pics to Instagram. That’s all fine and good, but in certain circumstances you wish you could escape the internet’s wrath. Like when you’re on vacation and you receive an “urgent” email from your boss. Once you see the message the assignment will haunt you, making you wish your smartphone would magically drown itself in the ocean and leaving you with the sole responsibility of making sure your piƱa colada never runs dry as you relax in the Bahamas. Somehow the internet has permeated every part of your existence, and when you think back to life before “.com” you realize it may be more of a curse than a blessing. Is it time you rid yourself of the internet?

Here are some of the internet-related things that make our lives miserable, as illustrated by our friends at The Maple Kind.

Why you should get rid of the internet Why you should get rid of the internet: unreadable captchas Why you should get rid of the internet: complicated passwords Why you should get rid of the internet: blogging stressWhy you should get rid of the internet: false hopes

So how about it: will you live with me like an internet hermit? Or would sacrificing Google and Facebook make you feel like an unconnected outcast?

Source: The Maple Kind

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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