Klout Launches New iOS App Geared toward Content Marketers

Screenshots of the new Klout app for iOS

When Klout debuted its new Web dashboard in February, it launched a tool to help users not only measure their online reputations but improve them, too. Klout’s personalized content stream recommends articles that it thinks your audience would enjoy and helps you share them out over various social networks. Today Klout released a new mobile app that brings this dashboard experience to the iOS screen. Meanwhile, an Android version is in the works.

Publish Content on the Go

Just like on Klout’s desktop dashboard, Klout’s new mobile app brings you a personalized stream of recommended articles based on topics you subscribe to. You can then immediately share content you like with your audiences across social networks or set up a schedule to post the articles later.

Klout Perks

The new Klout mobile app also natively supports Klout Perks, which will allow top Klout users to browse and redeem special offers like discounts and VIP access from participating businesses. This means they’ll be able to find deals from companies like American Airlines, which gives flyers with a Klout scores of 55 or higher access to Admirals Club airport lounges around the world.

Klout for Android

Though The new Klout app is currently only available for iOS, Android-loving Klout users can take heart: the company reports that Klout for Android will be “rolling out shortly.” Until then, users can sign up for the app’s waitlist.

A New Direction for Klout

Though Klout still offers access to the Klout score, its pivot toward content publishing marks a drastic change in the company’s strategy. Now, in addition to offering a way to track social media influence, Klout is becoming a tool to help content marketers and creators engage their audiences. It’s not yet clear what Lithium Technologies, the social customer service company that recently acquired Klout, will do with Klout’s new tools, but it may want to use them draw in more marketing customers.

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