Klout Launches New Tools for Businesses Including Klout Perks and Audience Insights

Klout Business

Klout BusinessKlout is starting to roll out a set of complimentary tools today for businesses that will help them identify key influencers engaging with their brands in social media. Klout helps measure influence based on the ability to drive action on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Klout for Business will help you tap into that influential audience!


What is Klout for Business?

Klout for Business is a set of tools designed to help companies unlock the reach and power of their most influential brand advocates.

Businesses now have an easy-to-read dashboard that can quickly give them insights into their audience’s top influencers, which networks would be best to engage them on, and most importantly Klout can tell you which topics your audience influences others on most to help maximize your content efforts and drive conversations about your brand. Businesses can also use Klout Perks to reward these loyal influencers with free prizes.

Network Optimization

Klout for Business

Top Topics

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Klout stated in their press announcement today:

Klout reaches over 70% of today’s digital influencers and attracts new users every day. Klout for Business will continue to develop into a portal where we intend to help brands and agencies streamline their understanding, management and engagement with this important segment of the digital population. Our goal is to help brands and influencers build relationships that transcend the current advertiser-consumer dynamic.”

You can get more information and sign up for early access to these free insights on the new Klout for Business portal.

Some other facts and stats provided by Klout:

  • On average, content produced by Klout influencers garners 4x as many retweets as content posted by average social media users.
  • People who visit product pages recommended by Klout influencers spend more than 2x as long on site.
  • People who see content from Klout influencers are more than 2x as likely to click through to an advertiser page.
    Klout is finally ‘open for business’ and encouraging feedback from beta users. So what do you think about these new tools?

    Daniel Zeevi

    By Daniel Zeevi

    Daniel is a social network architect, web developer, infographic designer, writer, speaker and founder of DashBurst. Full-time futurist and part-time content curator, always on the hunt for disruptive new technology, creative art and web humor.


    1. Well now that is a plan to make cash. I wonder if Empire Avenue thought about something like this? I bet the numbers would be even more impressive.

    2. If these “tools” are as confusing as Klout itself is I’m not sure they have much value beyond smoke and mirrors. And while I’m sure many companies will use them it’s only going to be because there is nothing better out there yet.

      We are very much in the early days in trying to understand and quantitate social media influence and the Klout score is a prime example.

      So while this is a good business move on Klout’s part they have a very long ways to go before they will convince me that their tools are ready for prime time.

      For even the basic Klout score I see as a convoluted confusing mess. And while is some cases a Klout score seems to make sense in other’s it fails totally.

      So even as a Klout user I have little understanding nor faith in how the Klout score I’m given really relates to my reach or influence as compared to other Klout scores. One only has to look at different scores and examine the underlying FaceBook posts, Twitter tweets, and number of followers a person has in his social media universe to see a very inconsistent value to Klout’s score as it applies to different users.

    3. wauw, decadent? Of is het een virtuele opwaardering dat weer enkel is voorbehouden voor mensen dat er te hard voor gaan en zo het echte doel van een facebook vergeten?

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