Klout Introduces Personalized Scheduling and Topic Filtering

klout personalized scheduling

klout landing page screenshotIt’s been a busy few days for Klout, which recently pivoted as a content curation tool before being acquired by Lithium Technologies. The new Klout suggests content users may be interested in and provides tools for scheduling this content to be published to your social media audiences. But when it comes to achieving maximum engagement, timing and relevance are key. So Klout is introducing two new tools to help users increase social media engagement using personalized scheduling and topic filtering.

Personalized Scheduling

While there are a few tools that suggest publishing times when Twitter users are most active, Klout is looking to take this feature a step further by recommending when your specific audience is most active. “If you want people to listen, share the right message at the right time. You’ll make a bigger impact if you share content when your audience is online and most likely to engage,” writes James Landau, senior marketing manager at Klout. By tapping into its massive influencer data, Klout will give you key insights on when is really the best time to share a post with your networks.

klout personalized scheduling

Topic Filtering

Klout is also providing a more personalized content stream by allowing you to select specific topics of interest and quickly see the content that matters most to you and your audience.

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Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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  1. The new Klout seems very thin as a tool with little functionality… They are not even in the minor leagues as a content marketing tool or source…

  2. I like their suggested content/scheduling sharing options but that’s about it at this point~

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