How the FCC’s New Proposed Open Internet Rules Could Save the Neutral Net You Know and Love

fcc chairman tom wheelerPeople want the internet to remain as open and neutral as it is today. Though the Obama administration came out in support of a neutral net yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will need to take further action to make net neutrality a reality after its original mandate was struck down by a U.S. Court of Appeals. Hopefully the FCC’s newly released Open Internet Rules will serve as a guiding light toward an open internet.

The FCC is working on a non-discriminatory framework for the internet before broadband service providers strike deals with companies to favor their websites over competitors. The FCC is proposing several steps to ensure that the Internet will continue to remain an open platform for “innovation, economic growth and free expression.”

FCC’s Open Internet Rules

The Commission wants to enforce and enhance the transparency rule that requires network operators to disclose how they distribute traffic and to fulfill the “no blocking” goal to ensure that no site is unfairly restricted. This would preserve the neutral internet we know and love today by allowing new websites and ideas to surface on merit. If such a rule didn’t exist, service providers would seek ways to monetize Web traffic in ways that could prevent you from ever seeing such content.

You can see the FCC’s entire proposition below:

Proposed FCC Rule-Making on Net Neutrality by franberkman

Image via the FCC

Daniel Zeevi

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