It’s Official: Klout Has Been Acquired for $200 Million

Klout in lights

It’s official: social media influence ranking site Klout has been acquired by social customer service company Lithium Technologies. The deal is a mix of cash and Lithium private stock valued at nearly $200 million, Fortune reports.

We reported last month that the acquisition was in the works, though it was only valued at $100 million at the time.

Though initially Klout was launched as a service that ranked users’ influence across social media channels with the infamous Klout score, the site recently redesigned its dashboard to incorporate a content marketing tool that recommends content for sharing and allows users to schedule posts at optimal times. It’s Klout’s capability to measure social media influence, however, that Lithium is probably most interested in: with it, Lithium can better help brands find strong online advocates. The Klout for Business program, too, can also help Lithium’s clients identify their biggest fans.

Lithium is set to go public as early as this year, according to Fortune. In the meantime chances are Lithium will strive to make Klout’s services as useful as possible to businesses in order to up the value of its stock.

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Lauren Mobertz

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