Netflix Now Brings You Video Streaming in Ultra HD/4k

Political drama series House of Cards just became even more addicting now that you can binge watch the latest season in ultra high definition. As if high definition video streaming wasn’t good enough, Netflix has taken it one step further with Ultra HD/4k video streaming. The wildly popular online video streaming service announced Sunday that it will make some shows, including House of Cards season 2, available in the ultra clear format.

The Ultra HD/4k, now available on television sets with price tags of $1000 or less, boasts four times the number of overall pixels as standard or “full” HD. Netflix did not want to fall behind and miss out on potential users, so it launched Ultra HD/4k streaming for several TV sets by Samsung, Sony, LG, and others.

U.K. site HDTV reviewed the first episode of House of Cards season 2 in Ultra HD/4k. They noted that it is hard for the naked eye to notice the clearer picture in darker scenes, but the Ultra HD/4k excelled in the more vivid ones. In these scenes, the picture was brilliantly colorful and bright, images were sharper and smoother, and objects in the background or distance were clearer.

Would you fork out for a new TV to watch shows streaming in ultra high definition?

Image from House of Cards

Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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