Vimeo’s New App Brings Faster Playback and Intuitive Interface to iOS Users

vimeo for ios version 4.1 screenshots

Do you like to watch Vimeo content while on the go? The new Vimeo app for iOS should make it even easier to do so with streamlined menus and a new lightweight design. Here’s what’s new in Vimeo 4.1 for iOS:

  • Homescreen: Now access your videos, Watch Later list, feed and videos you’ve liked immediately when you open the app
  • Video information: Just tap a video to see its description and metadata or to like, share and add comments
  • New profiles: Vimeo profiles are now personalized and offer access to users’ likes, followers and who they follow
  • Quick actions: Swipe left or right over a video in your feed to reveal quick actions for sharing or liking
  • Edit video information: Edit your video information more easily inside the app
  • Speed: Video playback is now faster
  • Scrolling navigation: Now scroll down continuously to cycle back through profiles and videos you’ve viewed

iOS isn’t the only platform where Vimeo’s now faster. In January Vimeo released its new HTML5 player, which loads videos twice as fast as Vimeo’s previous player and starts video playback in half the former time. In March Vimeo redesigned its Vimeo On Demand service, launching a marketing program to help talented filmmakers promote their work.

Want to learn more? Check out Vimeo’s promotional video below:

The new Vimeo app is currently only available for iOS, though staff member Tommy Penner says the team has “plans for Android in the pipeline.”

Download Vimeo for iOS:

Lauren Mobertz

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