On Its First Birthday, Vimeo On Demand Gets Redesigned, Announces Marketing Program for Promising Titles

Vimeo On Demand landing page screenshot

Vimeo On Demand launched a year ago to bring quality films and groundbreaking documentaries to an online audience. On its first birthday Vimeo announces new ways to discover titles to watch on Vimeo On Demand and releases details of its Audience Development Program for promoting emerging films.

$10 Million for Marketing New Films

Vimeo is devoting $10 million to its Audience Development Program, which will help promising films reach a bigger audience. Films that have raised over $10,000 on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Seed & Spark in 2013 or 2014 and/or premiered at certain 2014 film festivals, like Cannes or SXSW Film Festival, are eligible for one free year of Vimeo Pro membership in exchange for allowing Vimeo to distribute their film over Vimeo on Demand. Additionally, films that meet these requirements are invited to apply for additional financial and accessibility support from Vimeo to help with things like making a promotional website, film translations and subtitling.

Distributing through Vimeo On Demand can be a promising option for filmmakers who want a direct way to distribute films to their audience without having to be responsible for the physical delivery of their film. With a 90/10 revenue split between filmmakers and Vimeo after transaction fees, filmmakers can raise a fair amount of profits by distributing through Vimeo.

Find out more about Vimeo’s Audience Development Program.

A Revamped Vimeo On Demand

Vimeo On Demand landing page screenshot

Inspired by the way brick and mortar stores let you browse for new titles to watch, Vimeo’s redesigned its On Demand site with discovery in mind. The new Vimeo On Demand landing page features a slider of select titles and a list of featured films. The landing page also features Vimeo’s new “collections,” which are groups of films that center around common themes. Vimeo’s current collections include selections from Oscilloscope Laboratories, environmentally-themed picks from Patagonia and favorites from Slamdance Studios in additional to traditional genres like Action + Adventure, Drama and Animation.

A New Personal Library

Besides making it easier to discover new titles to watch, Vimeo’s also made it easier to access films you’ve rented and purchased on Vimeo. The new page, called My Library, gives users one-click access to all the films in their Vimeo On Demand history.

Do you purchase or rent films through Vimeo On Demand? What are your favorite Vimeo On Demand titles?

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