Vimeo Looks to Become the Instagram of Video Adding 500 New Creative Filters

vimeo enhancer

vimeo enhancer

The popular video sharing service Vimeo, has added a new video-editing tool called “Looks” that adds Instagram-like filter effects to your videos for a more professional look. Vimeo has gone to great lengths to become a go-to place for creatives and video producers. Just last year they added a paywall option, a “tip jar” for artist contributions and it’s cloud-based Enhancer that lets you add licensed music tracks to video.

“We’ve had Enhancer for music, but this is the next evolution of the product,” Vimeo President Dae Mellencamp told VentureBeat. “We want to make the experience of adding effects fast and effortless. … We want to make these types of tools accessible to everyone.”

Looks is powered by GenArt’s Vivoom app, which is used to make videos look better with special effects and filters. There are more than 500 Looks that can be used inside the Enhancer and the tool will even scan your video to automatically recommend creative filter options based on an analysis and social data. This Looks feature will be web only for starters, but Vimeo is evaluating the prospect of enabling it for mobile devices too. Pricing has not been finalized, but Looks will be free to all registered Vimeo users for the next 90 days after which it will cost some cash to use.

Check out this GIF below to see an example using the new ‘Look’…

vimeo before and after

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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  1. Oh, wow; now this is really neat; thank for sharing, Daniel. I can totally see this taking off for Vimeo. I can also see myself using this feature quite often as video production has become a staple part of my marketing strategy this year. Glad to have found your article on bizsugar; great write up; appreciate you sharing. 🙂


    1. I definitely agree Ti, it will also be interesting to see if they can get that mobile app together to make a move on the mainstream market who isn’t really creating videos yet (like Vine’s goal).

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