This Starbucks Barista Is One of the Greatest Coffee Cup Artists You’ll Ever See

There’s nothing better than making your way to Starbucks for a cup of coffee to help wake you up and get your day going. But wouldn’t it really spice up your morning if you got your coffee in a cup full of art and drawings all over it? That’s what 41-year-old barista and apparent artist Gabriel Nkweti Lafitte does for his customers in London. He spends 40 hours on a single cup and gives his masterpieces to lucky customers who have exhibited kindness. Lafitte loves seeing the joyful and appreciative faces of people as they receive their coffee in a work of art. The customers go crazy for the individualized coffee cups and Lafitte hopes that with their popularity, he can someday move his drawings to a more permanent medium like ceramic mugs.

starbucks cup art simon

starbucks cup art owl

starbucks cup art ayca

starbucks cup art megan

starbucks cup art girl in color

starbucks cup art rolando

starbucks cup art shannagh

starbucks cup art joyce

starbucks cup art nisha

starbucks cup art mafalda

starbucks cup art melyssa

starbucks cup art starbucks

starbucks cup art charlotte

starbucks cup art linda

via Huffington Post

Mikaela Rakos

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