Google Now for Android Can Help You Remember Where You Parked Your Car

Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car and spent your night wandering around a parking lot or garage searching for it? Your troubles are soon to be no more, at least for Android users. Google Now has added Parking Location, a function that tells you approximately where you parked your car.

Using a pin on a map to mark the approximate location of a user’s parking spot, the new parking location feature helps users track how far they are from their car.

google now parking location

The parking location feature isn’t perfect, though, so it may get a specific parking spot wrong. It might also misinterpret when a user is driving his/her own car or merely exiting a bus or a friend’s vehicle. If the feature provides an inaccurate parking location, it will provide alternate and previous locations. Users can click on “previous locations” to see where they have recently parked. Users can also adjust the settings and customize the location cards or turn off parking location altogether if they do not drive regularly.

Despite its few weak spots, the parking location feature will be a useful tool, especially for those who often have trouble remembering where they parked their car.

The new feature comes with the latest version of the Google Search app for Android and is available to users who select driving as their main mode of transportation on the app.

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Mikaela Rakos

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