Now Control Your Android Camera by Talking to Your Phone

Take a picture voice command Google Search

Saying OK Google to Google Search

Have you ever wanted to take a picture or record a video but missed your shot because you spent too much time fumbling to open your phone’s camera app? If so you’re in luck, because Google’s streamlined the process of taking photos and recording videos from your Android by adding new voice commands to the Google Search app.

Now when you open the Google Search app on your Android device, just tap the microphone or say “OK Google” to activate voice commands. Next say “take a photo” or “take a video” and Google will launch your default camera app in the mode you commanded.

Take a picture voice command Google Search

Telling Google to “take a picture,” “record a video,” or “shoot a video,” also works, though with that last command Google might misinterpret your thick Philly accent and hear “should a video” instead, in which case it will still miraculously open your video recorder.

When I tested it, the featured worked flawlessly, though it doesn’t go farther than opening the appropriate app. To take a picture or start a video recording you’ll still have to tap your phone screen. Maybe in the future Google will insert voice commands into its camera app, too, which could cut back on some of the shaking that goes on when we tap our phones to activate the camera shutter.

What do you accomplish with voice commands in Google Search for Android?

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