Google Now for Android Sports New TV and Offers Cards and Voice Control for Music

Screenshot of Google Now TV Card featuring Nik Wallenda

Google has released an update to its Search app for Android. The update sports new Cards for TV shows and Offers as well as voice control for music.

Google Cards, which are integrated into search, are bits of information that pop up on your phone exactly when you need them. For example, a Card can pop up to tell you when to catch the bus for work or to remind you to pick up milk on your way home. Google introduced great new features for their Cards at Google I/O, including reminders for the release of books and albums you’re excited about.

The New TV Card

The new TV Card will pop up as you watch programs on your internet-connected TV to provide you with information about the show you’re watching. For example, if you had been watching Nik Wallenda make his away across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, Google’s TV Card could have showed you this:

Screenshot of Google Now TV Cards

The TV Card only works between devices and TVs connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and for now the TV Card is only available in the US.

The New Offers Card

Google has also released a new Offers Card, which will remind you about unused offers whenever you are close to the area of redemption. This could make it easier for you to use up those offers and get your money’s worth!

Voice Commands for Music

In the app store you’ll also see that Google has added voice action capabilities for Google Search that will allow you to play music from your phone or the Play Store. These updates are available only on Android devices; it is not yet clear when these features will be available on iOS.

How do you use Google Now? Do you ever use it to help you complete daily tasks? Let us know in the comments.

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