Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Surprise NYC Bus Passengers With Concert [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen Macklemore & Ryan Lewis live in concert? What about on your way to work? Normally, if you want to see the two perform live, you have to buy your tickets early. But the hip-hop singing sensation duo gave some lucky New York City bus passengers a free concert. The two get on the bus, pay the fare and sit down, acting as though nothing out of the ordinary was about to happen. Shortly after, the music begins to play and the two reveal themselves, performing their hit song “Can’t Hold Us” for everyone on the bus.

Macklemore and Lewis got everyone on the bus involved, whether it was dancing, clapping or simply smiling. Even the bus driver practiced less-than-safe driving as he clapped to the music and Macklemore’s rapping. It’s a true testament to the versatility of their songs and the talent of the two artists that their music can reach people within such a diverse group. Although the surprise bus concert was originally filmed for a promotional video for the 2014 Grammy Awards, Macklemore and Lewis have captured much more than that; they have captured the attention of countless people and boosted their popularity. Beyond showing their skill and creating great and meaningful music, they give spontaneous, free concerts to random people. How could people not love them?

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