Spotify and Adidas Team Up to ‘Boost Your Run’ With Tailored Playlists and Routes

If you are looking for that perfect soundtrack to your perfect run, you may want to tune in. Spotify and Adidas have teamed up to bring you a customized soundtrack and running course to take your exercise experience to the next level.

It’s easy to use: runners simply go to the Spotify-Adidas “boost your run” website, enter their city and favorite exercise song. After indicating the distance and difficulty level they want for their run, the site generates a playlist and suggests several routes that match their workout criteria.

spotify-adidas boost your run customized workout

Users can also view the routes they select with RunKeeper, a fitness tracking app for all kinds of active people including runners, cyclists, hikers and more.

This Spotify-Adidas partnership is part of Adidas’ #boostyourrun campaign to promote its new Boost line of athletic shoes and encourage people to stay active and fit.

Will you use Spotify and Adidas to customize your next run?

via Engadget

Mikaela Rakos

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