NYC Woman Makes Her Half Marathon More Fun by Instagramming Hot Male Runners

kellykkroberts Instagram NYC half marathon

Long-distance running isn’t for everyone, especially not a whopping 13-mile long half marathon. Most often, the goal of a half marathon is just to finish the race itself, not to make any particular speed. At times, the running can become monotonous.

To relieve the tediousness of the long run, amateur runner Kelly Roberts put a fun twist on the New York Half Marathon last weekend by Instagramming every mile she finished. These Instagrams were not just scenic pictures of her surroundings or proud photos of the marathon, though.

For every mile she completed, Roberts took a selfie with an unsuspecting, and almost always attractive, male runner. Roberts also enhanced the Instagram pictures with her own humorous expressions. Although she may have been caught by some of her subjects, Roberts managed to capture some truly priceless photos and pass the time with some good fun during her half marathon. So the next time you decide to do long-distance running, there’s always Instagram to make time zip by.

Photos by Kelly Roberts
via The Daily Dot

Mikaela Rakos

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