The Living Wallet Helps You Save Dough by Literally Running Away From You

Lost your wallet? This time it might not be your fault with the Living Wallet innovation out of Japan.

So if you decide to get a little reckless with your holiday spending, the wallet will not stand for it. In fact, the wallet will stand up an walk away from you! The high-tech wallet is connected to a bookkeeping app called Zaim so if a person’s checking account drops below a certain threshold the wallet looks to disappear. At first it will run away from you using built-in wheels and a sensor. If that’s not enough to curb the person’s reckless spending, the wallet will start screaming for help instead vocally!

And if all this isn’t enough to deter you from breaking the bank, as a last resort the wallet will send a signal to your phone that forces it to call your mother! Ouch, no one wants to get to that point, thus this shaming tool looks to bring hope to our financial future.

So before you go out on a big holiday spending spree, consider bringing the Living Wallet with you to ensure some financial prudence.

living wallet save mode

living wallet
via The Creators Project

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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