Get Fit at This Coworking Space With Built-In Pull-Up Bars, Treadmills and Rock Climbing Wall

Brooklyn Boulders Somerville Coworking Space

Brooklyn Boulders Somerville Coworking Space

We’ve written about the health benefits of standing while working. But what if you stopped trying to infuse healthy habits into your company’s office space or home setup and moved your work to a gym instead? This is possible at the coworking space inside Brooklyn Boulders Somerville.

Overlooking the 40,000-square foot rock climbing wall of Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville, Massachusetts is the ultimate coworking space. Equipped with Wi-Fi, standing desks and built-in pull-up bars, balance ball desks, comfy couches and plenty of space for thinking, Brooklyn Boulders blends the once distinct line between working and working out. Jesse Levin, who’s in charge of non-rock climbing activities at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, told Fast Company’s Co.Exist:

When you’re really in touch with your body physically, it affects every facet of your life. I never quite understood why there was such a segregation between your career and working and going to the gym and community interaction. It made a lot of sense to me to bring it all together.”

Combine Brooklyn Boulders’ state of the art rock climbing wall and inspiring coworking space with the fitness center’s treadmills, slacklines, free weights and other fitness tools, and you have yourself a place where you won’t feel guilty about spending all your waking hours.

Located near Somerville? The coworking space comes at no extra cost for members at Brooklyn Boulders. Learn more about the gym and coworking space below:


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