The 10 Best Fitness Apps for iOS

iMuscle for the iPad

Throughout the week, do you schedule time to work out? If so, do you track your sessions to make sure you are meeting your fitness goals? As distracting as your iPhone may be, the device may be just what you need to take your physical fitness to the next level. Tons of apps ranging from free to subscription level are available to help you design and carry out exercise plans, track your achievements, and learn how to live a healthier life. Below are 10 of the best fitness apps for iOS, ranging from apps that give you a reason to work out to apps that help you plan healthy diets.


1 iMuscle 2

iMuscle for the iPad

If you are looking to target particular muscles or try out new exercises, iMuscle 2 is one of the best virtual trainers you can get. Available for both iPhone and iPad, iMuscle lets you explore the muscles in your body using 3D diagrams. Tap any muscle in the app to view primary and secondary exercises and stretches that use that muscle. Additionally, over 650 high-quality 3D animations demonstrate how to do each exercise and stretch. Through the app you can also save multiple routines to your account, set fitness goals, and track your body measurements. Though the app is great for users looking to teach themselves new exercises, the app is also handy for fitness instructors and physiotherapists to use with their clients. As an added bonus, iMuscle works offline, so you don’t need to worry about having a data connection to get your workout on.


2 Nike+ Running

nike+ ios app

If competition stimulates you to work harder, Nike+ Running may be just what you need to get going. Like other running apps, Nike+ Running uses your iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer to record your distance, pace, and time. The app also provides in-run audio feedback that announces your pace and running time at each mile so you can focus on your goal, a feature much appreciated by those who used to running competitively. The distinguishing feature of this app, though, is that it facilitates a virtual running community among you and your friends. The app allows you to tag friends you’ve ran with and share your route maps. The best feature of Nike+ Running, though, is the Challenges feature. Users can create challenges, set distance goals, and invite friends to compete for medals. There’s nothing like a good competition to get you working harder, after all.


3 TempoRun


Do you like to run to the beat of your music? TempoRun will categorize your favorite music by tempo so you can keep a steady running pace. Program your own songs or use the app’s TempoRadio, powered by SoundCloud, to discover new songs to run to. This app is great for those who want to maintain a steady pace over long distances or for those who are trying to shorten their running time. Additionally, TempoRun will also track your running stats like distance, time, and calories burned.


4 Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga

When done regularly, yoga can be a great exercise form. Pocket Yoga helps you commit to the exercise by guiding you through customized yoga sessions and logging your progress. Choose between practices, difficulty levels, and durations to create the session that’s right for you. The app’s voice and visual instructions will guide you through each pose, including inhalation and exhalation. You can use Pocket Yoga from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, or connect your device to your television to view your yoga guide on the big screen.


5 Diet Point

diet point

One one hand, dieting is hard. Eating things you might not like, planning portion sizes, finding mystery items like “flax seed” in the grocery store – what a chore! On the other hand, what’s more important than eating right when you’re trying to make the most of your workouts? Diet Point wants to help you make smart eating decisions by releasing you of your diet planning responsibilities.

Search the app for diet plans based on your age, gender, lifestyle, fitness goals, or simply what you like to eat – you can even follow diet plans created by your favorite celebs. Once you choose a diet plan that interests you, the app will do a number of things. First, it will provide you a shopping checklist to use at the grocery store (as someone who creates detailed shopping lists for groceries every week, I can say this feature is a huge time saver); it will tell you how to prepare your meals; and the app will configure a daily eating schedule for you based on the times you like to eat, sending you a reminder for each eating time. Though the Diet Point app itself is free, you’ll have to pay to access meal plans. You can become a pro user tochoose from over 100 diet plans in 14 categories, or you can purchase a Diet Point membership for extensive access to diet plans.


6 Runtastic Pro


Runtastic Pro is one of the best apps for tracking detailed information about distance-based workouts like running, jogging, biking, skating, cross-country skiing, and hand bike training. If you view your route map during your workout, you’ll find that it’s overlaid with stats such as your running time, your distance traveled, and the direction you’re facing. The map even uses colors to indicate training changes like inclines and changes in pace. The app’s compass can help you navigate, or you can search for prefabricated routes on and sync them to your phone. When you finish your route, the app will audibly read a detailed report of your workout that you can save for later and provide you graphs that help you visualize your workout. Runtastic comes in both a pro and a limited free version.


7 RunKeeper


Though RunKeeper can be used to track runs, walks, bike rides, hikes, and more, its real utility lies in strength training. One of the most popular fitness apps in the App Store, RunTastic tracks your workout stats and lets you view your progress over time. In the Training tab, you can choose a training plan that fits your fitness goals and use the app’s audio coaching to get through the training. This feature is great for long-distance runners, for example, looking to use timed sprints to build muscle. The Training Tab will track your progress against your goals and present your information in charts.


8 Reebok Fitness


For those looking for a fitness app that doesn’t require a lot of set-up, Reebok Fitness may be the app for you. When you open the app it will prompt you to choose your interest categories, such as running, walking, yoga, weight training, or dancing. Using this information the app will create a personalized exercise program, meaning you won’t have to spend hours searching through exercises and bookmarking your favorites. Through the app you’ll program a schedule, and the app will remind you of upcoming workouts as well as track your achievements. The app also provides access to videos, demos, and tips from fitness experts to help you on your way to fitness god or goddess.


9 Fitness Checkup Pro

fitness checkup

Fitness Checkup Pro lest you assess your physical shape by testing 11 fitness areas, including flexibility, balance, body core, strength, capacity for effort, muscle tone, explosiveness, pulse at rest, body mass index, body fat index, and reaction speed. When you complete Fitness Checkup’s tests you’ll be given a health score, along with tips for improving your fitness where needed. The app provides images to help you perform the tests, lists exercises to help you improve your physical shape in each category, and stores records of your progress. The app also enables you to use your smartphone camera to measure your heart rate, meaning you don’t have to buy additional equipment to use the app. Fitness Checkup is also available as limited a free version.


10 Charity Miles

Charity Miles Feeding America

Charity Miles is a free app that allows you to put your exercise miles to good work – besides just, you know, having your exercise help you stay fit. When you open the app, choose a charity to support and, through donations from Charity Miles’ corporate partners, earn money for each mile you walk, run, or bike. Specifically, you’ll earn 10¢ per mile for biking and 25¢ per mile for walking or running. This means if you run, say, 4 miles every day, you can earn $365 for charity each year. How sweet your sweat and burning muscles will taste then.

It can be difficult motivating yourself to work out and eat healthy, but hopefully these apps will make staying fit easier and more enjoyable. Plus, don’t you love a good excuse to put your phone to work?

Have you used any helpful fitness app lately? Let us know in the comments!

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

Lauren is the former managing editor for DashBurst. One part geek, one part urban nomad, she is constantly scouting for the latest tech and world news. In the evenings you'll find Lauren running in strange places or attempting to dance salsa.


  1. Umm, the section on RunKeeper makes no sense. Though RunKeeper is a great app, I wouldn’t say “its real utility lies in strength training.” it appears that you maybe lost the plot there a bit.

  2. I use Lumon Fit. It is the best app on the market


    LUMON FIT has created a totally innovative product that will increase efficiency and level of service while simultaneously decreasing injury within wellness facilities. An intelligent logarithm containing over 6000 entries will transform the way patients are assessed, trained, and rehabilitated. Based on precise, thorough scientific research, this application provides instantaneous data analysis and seamless automatic calculations. Convenient, extensive, and highly modifiable, this time-saving app is an irreplaceable companion for wellness professionals, trainers, physical therapists and chiropractors to use every day.

    This app allows you to:

    – Store very detailed patient/client data (incl. Par-Q and medical information)
    – Access 40 assessment templates (including posture, flexibility, cardiovascular, body composition, body dimensions, balance, muscle strength, and agility) and use them as your guide to patient assessment
    – Reference an exercise library with over 500 exercises
    – Create your own exercises and add them to the library for future use (including taken photos and linked videos)
    – Automatically generate rehabilitation/exercise prescription suggestions and precautions based on assessment results
    – Link your generated programs with YouTube videos for presentation purposes
    – Take “before” and “after” pictures of assessment tasks and compare results
    – Generate extremely detailed and explanatory progress reports within seconds (print or email)
    – Generate take-home rehab and exercise programs for your clients (including videos of routines)
    – Add feedback within the application to constantly improve the product
    – Schedule seminars with a LUMON FIT representative for detailed explanation of all the product’s functions

    Other Features
    – Calendar integration (Lumon Fit will schedule all your clients appointments for you)
    – Reassessment reminders
    – Intelligent exercise charts
    – Electronic signatures for all documentation
    – Wireless printing and emailing forms, data, or templates
    – iCloud integration (never lose you patient’s info)

    More Information can be found by following these links

  3. One newer app I’d add to the list: BattleSuitRunner Fitness. It’s a lot like Zombies, Run! but it is much more interactive, with your speed and sprints having a much more profound effect on the adventure game aspect of the workout.

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