Google Search Now Helps You Make Smarter Decisions About Your Food

Nutrition Search for corn and avocados

Earlier this month, Google announced that Search was getting smarter on desktops and mobile, including Search’s ability to answer your spoken questions. Now Google’s announced a helpful new Search tool that will help you make informed decisions about some of your favorite foods.

Are you considering eating a tomato but are not sure how many calories you’d be consuming? You can now search for “tomato” in Google search and receive a rundown of the fruit’s (or is it a vegetable?) nutritional information. And if you speak your search to Google, Google will even answer your question out loud.

Nutrition Search for corn and avocados

Google nutrition search from desktop

Google has added nutrition information for over 1,000 fruits, vegetables, meats, and meals into search as an expansion of its Knowledge Graph. Now search for bananas, ground beef, chow mein, and more to receive information on things like amount of protein or serving size. This feature will soon be indispensable while food shopping, deciding what to order at dinner, and more. Here are some examples of what you can search for using Search’s new feature:

  • While at the movie theater, trying searching how many calories are in a cup of popcorn
  • When looking for a high-protein snack after a work-out, try searching how much protein is in a banana
  • When deciding which type of squash to buy from the market, search for how many carbs are in summer squash

Nutrition Search Examples

The feature will be rolling out in English to users in the US over the next 10 days. Eventually Google plans to add more features, foods, and languages.

How do you see yourself using Google’s nutrition search?

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