Top 100 Most Popular People on Twitter [STATS]

Ever wonder who the most popular people are on Twitter? Luckily Twitter Counter recently released stats showing who has the most followers, so we can see exactly who the most popular Twitter users are along with who follows the most people on Twitter and who’s tweeted the most.

With the most followers, Katy Perry unsurprisingly still tops the chart as the most popular person on Twitter. After triumphantly reaching 50 million followers, Perry is still going strong and now has almost 52 million followers.

Justin Bieber trails behind Perry with a little over 50.5 million followers. While Perry has tweeted only 5,458 times, though, the Biebz has tweeted more than 26,000 times.

The third-most followed Twitter user is President Obama, but he’s more than 8 million followers behind Bieber.

YouTube and Instagram were the only non-celebrities to crack the top ten, sitting in fifth and ninth place, respectively. Twitter ranks 11th most popular on its own site.

twitter top 100 most followed accounts

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Mikaela Rakos

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