Twitter Experimenting With View Counts for Your Tweets

Twitter bird stencil

Twitter bird stencil

Have you ever wondered if anyone actually sees your tweets? A new experiment by Twitter might help you find out. Twitter is testing view counts for tweets viewed from its iOS app according to The Verge.

Twitter user Lydia J reported seeing counts for the number of times some of her tweets were viewed. As you can see in the screenshot below, the counts are listed in the bottom-left corner where available:

Twitter view counts

Twitter has provided view counts (officially called “impressions”) to advertisers for some time now. These counts can help brands determine the most effective times to tweet and which content seems to spread farthest on the network. There’s no telling whether regular users, though, will find the counts as useful. There’s a chance some Twitter users might be motivated by view counts to tweet more often and obtain more views. Other users, however, might grow disappointed that only 10 of their 500+ followers saw their tweets and use Twitter less often or stop using the service altogether. Twitter is presumably testing whether view counts will encourage or discourage Twitter activity and, if it sees a positive effect, we too might see view counts in our own timelines.

Would you like to see view counts for your tweets?

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