Reward Your Employees in Style With These 5 Tips

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A pat on the back and a firm handshake is the standard when it comes to showing your employees that you appreciate their hard work, but sometimes that’s just not enough. If you really want to reward your top performers so they keep up the good work, then you need to take your appreciation to the next level.

Here are five ways to show a little love by rewarding your hard workers in style.

Office Party

If you’re looking for the perfect way to reward a hardworking employee, an office party is a great option. Not only can it be inexpensive to throw one, but the guest of honor will feel more than rewarded as will the rest of your employees. In fact, office parties are also great when you need to reward more than one employee, so don’t be afraid to celebrate multiple guests of honor.

You don’t have to throw an extravagant party. Put the money that you would spend on party decorations toward fun finger foods and a cake. In addition, make sure you schedule the party before the lunch hour so others don’t feel like they have to decide between lunch and the party.

Lunchtime Movie Break

Lunch break is a sacred time for employees, so why not take their afternoon hour to the next level by treating them to lunch and a movie. Movies are the perfect way to unwind and forget about life for a couple of hours, which is a recipe to reward success and a great way to say thanks.

Likewise, finding a great lunch spot near the movie theater is a complimentary gesture that goes a long way. Before you give the gift of film and food, first remember that this reward means an extended lunch break, so pick a slow day at the office or else your top performers will have a backlog of work and the stress that goes with it waiting for them when they get back.

A Dinner on the Office

When it comes to rewarding your hard workers outside the office, treating them to a dinner is the perfect way to do it. Not only is a free dinner much appreciated after a long day of work, it’s also a gesture that won’t be forgotten.

Before choosing the restaurant, do a little detective work to find out what the employee likes to eat so you don’t end up sending a vegetarian to a steakhouse. In addition, don’t skimp on the restaurant or the cost of the meal. After all, you wouldn’t want the reward for a job well done costing your employee in the long run.

To make the night really unforgettable, have a chauffeur service pick your employee and his or her date up in a luxury sedan or limousine.

Extended Vacation Time

Everybody loves vacation, but sometimes the number of vacation days simply doesn’t afford enough time for employees to really enjoy themselves. Make your hard-working employee’s vacation last by extending his or her time off. The gesture will go a long way and your top performer will return to the office even more refreshed and ready to work.

As long as you pass it by human resources, extending an employee’s vacation is easy. Just remember to only extend the time off if it’s paid vacation or else you’re basically asking your employee to take an unpaid leave of absence. If a vacation extension isn’t in the cards, sending your top performers on a fun trip during their vacation time is a great alternative.

Gift Cards

One of the easiest ways to say thanks is by giving your hard-working employee a reward in the form of a gift card. Whether it’s to a restaurant or a retail store, gift cards are a great option because you can find one for just about anything. With that said, there’s a bit of gift card etiquette to remember.

For starters, give a gift card that the recipient will actually use. In addition, don’t overspend, or worse, underspend on the gift card amount. If you’re not sure what kind of card is right for your employee, gift charge cards for anywhere spending are also a good option.

By following the tips above, your employees will really feel the love for all their efforts.

What advice do you have for rewarding employees? Tell us in the comments section below!

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By Calvin Sellers

Calvin Sellers is a tech writer and graphic designer from Tampa, FL. Follow him on Twitter @CalvinTheScribe.