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What Your Desk Says About You [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you tend to keep your desk clean and sparse of objects? Or is your desk covered by multiple LCD monitors and other tech gadgets? The way we set up our workspaces reflects a great deal about our work styles.

Clutter, for example, is commonly believed to be linked to poor work; 90% of American workers believe clutter has a negative impact on their work, and 77% say clutter damages their productivity. What’s more, your workspace can affect how others’ view you as a person; 57% of workers admit they judge their coworkers by how clean or dirty they keep their workspaces, and nearly half of American workers say they have been ‘appalled’ by how messy coworkers’ offices are.

What does your desk say about you? Are you more of a hoarder or a documentarian? Scroll through to find out.


The Minimalist

The Minimalist works in a space devoid of extraneous objects like photographs, pencils, or even signs of life. In fact, the human side of the Minimalist is so absent from her desk that she becomes the office ghost, taking long lunches, ignoring emails, and sitting silently through meetings. Eventually the Minimalist will be reported to HR for job hunting on company time.


The Hoarder

Whenever something goes missing in the office, everyone knows it can be found among the piles of stuff covering the Hoarder’s desk. Year-old bills, empty mugs, used paperclips: you name it, it’s on the Hoarder’s desk. The Hoarder is likely one of your most annoying coworkers, sending novel-length emails, giving hour-long speeches at meetings, and volunteering for every committee. Eventually, his desk overflowing with papers and leftover food, the Hoarder will be reported to HR for creating a fire hazard.


The Documentarian

If you were to remove the items on and around the Documentarian’s desk and place them next to each other you’d create a timeline of the Documentarian’s life, from her high school diploma to her ticket stub from the Backstreet Boys’ reunion tour. Seeing these artifacts on display sometimes makes you wonder if the Documentarian needs to stare at photos of her family all day just to remember her kids’ faces. The Documentarian will be reported to HR for keeping a confidential email in a decorative frame.


The Techie

On the Techie’s desk you will find at least two computer monitors, a Sharper Image pen, and various just-released gadgets designed to make work “easier.” Obsessed with optimizing every life and work process, the Techie spends more time searching for the latest, most “disruptive” technology to help him produce better work than actually producing work. You’re likely to find the Techie video conferencing, complaining about the office’s poor Wi-Fi signals, or playing video games during working hours. The Techie will be reported to HR for causing a power surge.


The Sickie

Though you try to stay outside of sneeze range, you can see from the other side of the office that almost all the space on the Sickie’s desk is covered by hand sanitizer, antihistamines, and a lifetime supply of tissue boxes. Though you have few memories of her in the office (after all, she uses more sick days than anyone in the office), you swear you once saw her spraying the boss with Lysol before sitting down to a meeting with him. The Sickie will soon be reported to HR for overdosing on cough syrup.


The Zen Master

The Zen Master’s workspace reminds you of a the cross between a jungle and a yoga studio. A fish tank, a flowing fountain, multiple plants with leaves overflowing their pots, and inspirational posters cover the Zen Master’s space, making you wonder where he makes space for working. Sometimes you find the Zen Master’s calm disposition disconcerting, especially when he chooses to hold long discussions on existentialism instead of planning for tomorrow’s presentation. The Zen Master was reported to HR for meditating during a client meeting.

Which work space style do you fall into? Share with us in the comments section!

Jason Cruz
I'm a Documentarian, it seems! :P I love keeping mementos from clients and events :D
Hansjörg Leichsenring
In German we have a proverb "Wer Ordnung hält, ist nur zu faul zum Suchen." There seems to be no English Expression for it, but the Translation should be as follows: "If you always keep order in your things you simply are too lazy about searching for your things." Cheers from Germany. Hansjörg Leichsenring www.der-bank-blog.de
Lauren Mobertz
I really like that :)
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