Frisbee Trick Shot Extraordinaire Brodie Smith Shows Off for March Madness

March Madness Brodie Smith

If you don’t know who Brodie Smith is, this video of his frisbee skills will give you a hint. To celebrate the start of March Madness Smith, master of frisbee trick shots, put on a show throwing frisbees into hoops at Butler University’s Hinkie Fieldhouse basketball arena. Even Butler’s mascot, Blue III the bulldog, participated in the fun and got his paws on a frisbee or two. HHGregg also helped out, bringing Smith to Indianapolis and making the video possible. Check out some of Smith’s phenomenal frisbee tosses and hardest tricks yet below:

BlueIII Butler Mascot and Brodie Smith

Brodie Smith Frisbee Laser Shot

Brodie Smith March Madness Trick Shot Youtube

Video by Brodie Smith
via Huffington Post

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