Is It Time for You to Rethink Your Relationship With Internet Explorer?

Let me guess: you and IE have been on the rocks for a while now, huh? Can you even remember the last time you two spoke? Hold up: before you go into rant mode, let the past be the past. Microsoft wants a second (or maybe third or fourth) chance to show you the new Internet Explorer in the hopes of reconnecting you with your old fling.

Remember that ugly top bar that used to cover half of your screen when using IE? How could any relationship last under such an invasion of personal space? Just like that, boom: it’s gone!


Meet the New, More relaxed IE

Internet Explorer - Full Screen

IE and Skype

The new IE also offers deep Skype integration, combining the voice-over-IP service seamlessly into your Web browsing experience.
Skype and IE

Too Many Tabs: No More

One cool feature of the new IE is the ability to have literally 100 tabs open and easily scroll through them without lag time! This looks to address the Too Many Tabs syndrome that plagues most users dating Chrome right now. We have, however, developed a couples therapy for tab abusers and Chrome called “Bookmark My Tabs,” available at your local Chrome store.

Multiple Tabs

You and IE

Rethink Your Relationship With Internet Explorer
So are you ready to rethink your relationship with IE? Or do you consider these updates just another desperate attempt by your self-deprecating ex in a longstanding campaign to win you back?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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