Watch from the Driver’s Side as Facebook Wrecks a Relationship in ‘Noah’

Facebook and dating don’t always mix, as the new short film “Noah” gracefully highlights. The film takes place entirely on the screens of its titular character’s computer and iPhone as he uses Facebook to completely ruin his relationship. We won’t give too much much away here, but check out the dazzling opening scene where Noah (understandably) lies about what he’s doing online. Oh, and one more thing you might like to know: the movie’s surprisingly sweet emotional climax happens on Chatroulette, of all places. The film will be removed from YouTube on September 19, so watch it soon!

“Noah” is one of the rare pieces where both the sound and the visuals are fundamental to understanding the film. This means that, unlike the multi-tasking protagonist, you’ll have to put away your phone while you watch.

Director Patrick Cederberg used screenshot software to “film” the movie on a screen. “Noah” debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival.

via Digital Trends

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