Video Messages on Skype Comes out of Preview as a Free, Full-Fledged Feature

Screenshot of Skype's Video Messaging video

Have you ever wanted to share a special moment with a family member, only to find they were’t online on Skype? Now you can send friends and family glimpses into moments of your life using video messages, even when they’re not online.

After offering a preview of video messaging to millions of users around the world, Skype has made Video Messaging a free, full-fledged feature for Skype users on all platforms, including Windows desktop, Skype for Windows 8, Skype for Mac, Skype for iPhone, Skype for iPad, Skype for Android and Skype for BlackBerry. Think of Skype’s video messages as a new form of visual voicemail, a message you leave for someone when they’re not able to come to their phone. When your recipient logs into Skype from any device they’ll be able to view your message.

How to Record a Skype Video Message

  1. Tap the “video message” button from your Skype app.
  2. When you’re looking your best, tap the record button to capture your video message.
  3. Record a message for up to three minutes. Be as goofy as you like, as you can preview your message before you send. Just like with normal voicemail.
  4. If your video message doesn’t come out the way you’d like, you can delete and re-record until you are satisfied.
  5. When you’re ready, click on the envelope icon to send your video message to your recipient.

Skype Video Messaging will be a fun way to keep in touch with loved ones. “Skype can help you connect with the special people in your life—even when your schedules conflict,” Skype wrote on their blog. For more information on ways to use Skype’s video messaging, check out their promo video:

How do you see yourself using Skype Video Messaging?

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