Apple’s New iOS 7 Is Here: The 18 Best Reactions on Social Media

ios7Unless you’re living on Mars, you’ve probably heard that iOS 7 has been released. Have you upgraded to the new iOS yet?

While you may still be waiting through the epic download time, find out what the rest of the world has to say about Apple’s new mobile operating system, from design considerations to how it’s affecting their lives:

iOS 7 Download Time


iOS 7 vs. Life


iOS 7 Design

iOS 7 comic

Apple design

Your turn: what do you think about the iOS 7?

Amine Tarek Sehli
i hate ios 7 because its so laggy on my iphone 4 fuck..and fuck and fuck apple
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Alan Darnell
my daughter says it is harder to use. Needs to work with it
Jose A F Carrilho
I have an Apple 3Gs with the 6 something system. I'll leave it as is before Apple updates start behaving like the Microsoft ones :-)
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