LinkedIn Report: 5 Global Recruiting Trends to Help You Find Your Dream Job

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The world of recruiting is evolving fast. Job recruiters increasingly rely more on social media, mobile technology, and data-driven decisions. In its 2013 Global Recruiting Trends Report, LinkedIn identifies five key trends that reveal how employers are most likely to find, engage, and hire you. LinkedIn is, of course, in a great position to report this data; 88% of the Fortune 100 along with corporations from every industry around the world use the network for recruiting.

So what trends are influencing the recruiters who can help you land your next dream gig?

1. Source of Quality Hires

Professional social networks like LinkedIn are the fastest growing source for quality hires, facilitating over one-third of them (37%). How can you make your LinkedIn profile irresistible? Use meaningful keywords and skills in your profile that match job descriptions and company pages that appeal to you. Make sure to use a professional looking photo in your profile, tell recruiters your employment story, and keep your profile updated with current work and relevant content.

2. Employer Brand

82% of corporate recruiting professionals believe that the brand of an employer significantly impacts the ability to hire great new talent. Search for businesses that have strong company identities, and visit their career and company pages to determine if the company would be a good fit for you. And don’t be afraid to join their conversations – it’s not too early to start engaging with the company’s current employees!

3. Data

Recruiters are increasingly using data analytics to find and vet recruits and make better hiring decisions. Less than a quarter of workers, however, believe their organization utilizes data well while making hiring decisions. In order to improve how you appear to companies and to show why you are a good fit, use relevant keywords and skills that match the profiles, job descriptions, and company pages that appeal to you and share engaging rich media like articles, videos, and slideshows on your LinkedIn profile.

4. Internal Hiring

Sometimes your dream job could be across the aisle from your current place in the office. When it comes to finding new talent, many companies understand the importance of investing in and promoting talent from within. In fact, 46% of businesses have increased internal hiring compared to last year, with only 8% of companies decreasing their internal hiring. So check out your company’s page to see their latest job postings. As a current team player, you are likely to be one of the best candidates for that promotion or career!

5. Mobile Recruiting

87% of recruiters do not believe they have invested enough in making their recruiting process more mobile-friendly. This is a sign that recruiters will increasingly take to mobile over time. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s mobile app to apply for jobs on the go and consider building an online resume that is mobile-ready to impress job recruiters and really standout.
recruiting trends infographic

What other tips do you have for shining on LinkedIn?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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