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How to Catch the Big Fish: 5 Ways to Source Tomorrow’s Top Talent

Are you looking to attract new high-end talent to your company? Finding great employees to hire can be difficult given the demand for skilled workers and the competition for them with other larger firms. With the advent of social media though, there are some interesting new ways to reach out to potentially bright candidates, and here are 5 must-have strategies to navigate the current labor market!

1. Storm Social Media

Social media has become such a great medium for job postings because of the massive audiences available with active job seekers. Based on a 2012 Social Job Seeker Survey by Jobvite, 1 in 6 people have already credited social media for finding their current jobs. Job hunters look to Facebook (52%), LinkedIn (38%) and Twitter (34%) to find new opportunities.

2. Arm Your Company With the Right Skills

The right set of skills are in extreme demand, yet in very short supply. According to the 2012 McKinsey Global Institute report, by 2020, companies will not be able to meet the demands for 13% of the necessary high-skill workers needed, nor 15% of middle-skill workers. What happens if you lack the right skills? Well, 77% of companies will see lower production and 43% less efficiency. Given this, don’t be scared to target passive candidates who may not be actively looking for work because they have skills in high demand.

So STOP waiting for open job requisitions to source NEW talent. START building your talent pool right now!


3. Learn the Rules of Engagement

Remember that your goal is to convert prospects to potential candidates, which requires engaging in communication that is: targeted, consistent, creative, relevant and urgent! How many times have you got a really generic email from some lame recruiter that didn’t take any time to personalize their pitch to you. Unless you’re hurting pretty bad for a new job, you’re not likely to contact to even respond!

4. Have the Right Tools

Finding the right job candidates can be much easier when using capable Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) systems employed by many HR departments today. These software applications help you build, manage and mine extensive talent pools all in one centralized database.

5. Apply Analytics

As with any campaign, keep analyzing your sourcing progress and make adjustments as needed. Are you getting better feedback on one network vs. another? Are people responding well to your current pitches on professional networks like LinkedIn? Is your business performing at a high-level with the the talent already there? Stay progressive and creative with your recruiting!
Recently we just hired some top talent ourselves yet are always looking for more recruits. If you think you could contribute to our design, graphics, marketing or editorial teams, don’t be shy and give us a shout at info(at)dashburst.com to learn more!

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