LinkedIn Updates Mobile App to Include Search for Jobs, Companies and Groups

Screenshots of LinkedIn's mobile apps

Screenshots of LinkedIn's mobile apps

LinkedIn, a social network for professionals, has updated its Android and iOS apps to expand LinkedIn functionality for users on the go. Users can now use the app to search for jobs, companies, people, and groups as well as browse helpful tips from LinkedIn. This update comes after LinkedIn redesigned their mobile app in April.

Take Advantage of Expanded LinkedIn Search

Formerly only supporting people search, the LinkedIn mobile app now allows you to search for jobs, companies, and groups with your mobile device. LinkedIn envisions a use case like this:

“If you’re meeting someone new at Microsoft, look up that person and the Microsoft Company Page beforehand to see things you have in common. While you’re at it, search for the Microsoft Surface group on LinkedIn to hear what people are saying about the product. And if you end up having a great meeting and loving Microsoft, you may even want to search for jobs at Microsoft.”

Believe what you like, but I imagine a more realistic scenario happening like this: You spend a terrible, mind-numbing day at work. At the end of the day, as you wait for your bus home, a group of teenagers drive by in a Hummer. For no reason at all they throw a leftover lemonberry fruit slush at you, covering you in sticky pink liquid. Funny thing is, this isn’t the first time this happened to your outside the office. Then and there, you decide it’s about time you left your job, and you spend your ride home searching for a new job on your LinkedIn app as you leak strawberry-flavored water and corn syrup onto your bus seat.

Browse Your Feed for Professional Intel

Screenshot of LinkedIn Android appThe LinkedIn app provides you a rich feed of information where you can find industry news, advice from popular thinkers in your industry, and updates on which of your connections have joined new companies or received promotions. LinkedIn hopes these capabilities will help you make “smarter and more informed business decisions throughout your work day,” but I hope you don’t spend all your down time scrolling through your feed. It’s addictive.

Customize Your App Navigation

You can personalize your navigation menu to include shortcuts to your most-used functions on the app. For example, for easy access the feeds of companies you have your eyes on, tap “Add Shortcut” at the bottom of the navigation pane. This will include companies in your list and give you quick access to their latest updates. You can also add shortcuts to News, Groups, Jobs, People You May Know, Who’s Viewed Your Profile, and Your Recent Activity to your navigation menu.

You can download the updated mobile app at the Apple App Store or at the Google Play Store.

Do you use the LinkedIn mobile app? If so, what is the task you perform most while on the go?

Lauren Mobertz

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