The Evolution of Vine Art as Told Through 11 Hunger-Inducing Videos

Screenshot of I'm Melting by Meagan Cignoli

Screenshot of I'm Melting by Meagan CignoliWhen Vine launched its 6-second video service in January, users began uploading amusing videos, but nothing too fancy. Then, as Vine added features, more professional artists began adopting the service. One of the most common themes among the new videos? Food.

Through the 11 food-related pieces below, witness the evolution of Vine from a place to upload simple videos to a hub for short-form and stop motion. Warning: these videos are best viewed on a full stomach, unless you’re looking to experience some serious food cravings.

January 2013

1 Just Bites Away

2 The Best Part of Waking Up

3 I Ate All the Cupcakes

February 2013

4 A Minimalists’s Toaster

April 2013

5 Food that Jiggles

6 I’m Melting

7 So… Thirsty

8 Freaky Science: Watch Food Rot

June 2013

9 Even Non-Humans Can Make Scrambled Eggs

July 2013

10 If the Super Mario Bros. Universe Were Made of Food

11 Push Through the Pain

Have you seen any interesting food-related Vines lately? Make sure you share them with us in the comments!

Lauren Mobertz

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