LinkedIn Joins Marketers’ Team, Makes Analytics Available for Company Pages

LinkedIn page analytics company updates

While marketers have long promoted the benefits of using LinkedIn to promote brands, it’s been difficult for them to track their pages’ performance. This problem comes to an end today, as LinkedIn adds company page analytics to its suite of business services. This update goes above and beyond the information LinkedIn has provided in the past regarding numbers of clicks and impressions for individual posts. Here is what you can learn using LinkedIn’s new page analytics tool:


Analytics for Company Updates

LinkedIn page analytics company updates

Now pages can track the success of individual posts and identify trends across key metrics. From the company updates section of your analytics tab, view how many impressions, clicks, interactions, and new followers each post gained for your brand. You can also monitor trends by type or over set time periods, allowing you to visualize the status of your page updates in chart form.


Follower Analytics

linkedin page analytics for follower demographics

In the followers analytics section you will find demographic information such as work level about those who follow you as well as learn how many of your followers found you organically. A really helpful feature available here is the ability to view the number of people following your competitors and use these numbers to benchmark your growth efforts against the progress of similar brands.


Great News for Marketers

Adding page analytics to LinkedIn changes the site from an intangible marketing form to a marketing channel with quantifiable results in the eyes of marketers. With this added information marketers will be able to measure the success of their brands’ posts more easily, understand who follows their brand and why, and track their follower growth. LinkedIn promises additional and improved functionality for page analytics in the future, and I think marketers will love every bit of it.

The addition of company page analytics to LinkedIn follows yesterday’s update for engaging with Influencer posts and last week’s Slideshare announcement.

For more information on LinkedIn’s page analytics, see this video:

How will you use LinkedIn’s new page analytics to measure your brand’s success?

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