LinkedIn Introduces a New Infographics Player and Analytics for SlideShare

what makes a great infographic

great infographics

Are you an infographics designer? SlideShare has just announced the launch of a new infographics player on SlideShare! Infographics are powerful tools that utilize engaging visuals to quickly disseminate information to hungry audiences, so being able to share them is essential.

Although SlideShare has hosted infographics in the past, the new player optimizes the viewing experience of these oftentimes long graphics. To upload an infographic to SlideShare, a designer will need to save it as a one-page PDF, and when it’s uploaded SlideShare will detect the file as an infographic and file it in the proper directory for display. Though the PDF format isn’t optimal for graphics display, it’s nice to see SlideShare putting more emphasis on the increasingly popular content form. In fact, infographics are considered to be the fastest-rising content marketing format, increasing by 43% in 2012 according to a survey by IDG. Each infographic has a potential to reach an average of 15 million people worldwide!

So what makes a good infographic?

what makes a good infogaphic?

Ok, now what makes a truly great infographic?

The Dynamics of a Great Infographic

Like other SlideShare content, users can easily share infographics on other social sites and embed them on their own websites. Uploaders can also monitor the views, downloads, and embeds their infographics have generated. Also, SlideShare PRO users now have access to enhanced analytics for infographics, which includes graphs and the ability to drill down on data.


Are you on SlideShare yet? What do you think about the new infographics display on the site?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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