How to Reach America’s Mobile Moms [REPORT]

moms are gamers

Did you know that moms often control household budgets and expenses? This makes them the prime audience for the development of exciting new applications and of course many brands’ advertising efforts. Moms, like everyone else, like to use apps, which can often signal our personal tastes and interests. There are a ton of apps and devices out there to choose from, and Flurry Analytics is now reporting on iPhone, iPad and Android app usage during May of 2013 from a large sample of about 25,000 American-owned smartphones and tablets.

What Apps do Moms Like?

Like most other demographics, moms spend a lot of their smartphone and tablet time playing games. On Android and iPad devices, data shows mothers spend nearly 50% of their time gaming, while on the iPhone this percentage drops closer to one third of their usage. On the iPhone, lifestyle apps capture a significantly larger proportion of mother’s attention compared to other devices. Also on the Android and iPad, the second most popular apps for moms are related to social networking.
moms are gamers

Where do Moms Over-Index?

The truth is though most of the mobile population spends a lot of time in gaming and social networking apps, so what really differentiates mothers from the general American smartphone or tablet owner? Well, across each the iPhone, iPad and Android device, moms spend a lot more time in education apps than regular mobile consumers. Also, moms who own mobile phones spend a greater percentage of their time in health and fitness apps, and to no surprise are heavy shoppers!
where do moms over index

Moms Prefer Tablets

Moms are also more enthusiastic about tablets compared to other American device owners. This could be driven by the fact that many parents use tablets these days to play games with their children and help educate them.
moms own more tablets

iOS Beats Android in the Mommy Market

According to Flurry, a whopping 77% of moms own iOS devices compared to just 23% who own Android. This seems to be a function of moms’ greater tablet ownership which is a market dominated by the iPad.
iOS beats Android with Moms
A key takeaway here is that moms are far more likely to be seen using iOS devices compared to Android which is interesting considering Android OS is gaining market share in the overall smartphone industry. Also as an application developer or advertiser, the best way to reach out to the mommy market is likely in education, health and shopping apps.
Are you a mobile mommy? What do you prefer to use Apple or Android?

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  1. I wonder how these numbers will change in the next year with the greater share Android has been grabbing. I also wonder if those figures include Kindle, since it’s essentially a modified version of android.

  2. As a mom myself, I find this really interesting and accurate in my situation. Thanks for this excellent article and infographics!

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