NSA Independance Day [COMIC]

It’s clear that Americans have become fed up with the NSA and other government programs spying on all of their phone calls, emails and other internet activity. ‘Restore the Fourth’ rallies are gathering in 50 cities nationwide this July 4th to protest these unconventional surveillance tactics that appear to violate not only our privacy, but also the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which protects us against unlawful searches and seizures.

But perhaps we take this a step further and “deny them the very data they use to strip us of our freedom and human dignity!” A day where we say no more surveillance, by shutting off the Internet. A day where we say no to Facebook, sorry Twitter and not today Gmail?

nsa independance day
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Lorne Williams
A poignant statement of the sad, sad truth of our culture today. We're being spied upon everywhere and we just don't care.
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