How to Control Your Privacy on Facebook [COMIC]

Sites like Facebook have become a haven for prying eyes ranging from profile stalkers to government officials like the NSA. You never know who is watching these days. Is there even such a thing as privacy on social media anymore? Well, take charge of your Facebook account today with four easy steps toward seizing back control of your privacy!

facebook privacy meme
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Ivan Jones
and the old photos? duh!
Philippe Soucy
That doesn't even work.
Anna Lerneryd
I love the fact that the comment field is facebooks.
Mike Ramirez
I was just saying that the other day. Worried about your privacy, stay off social media sites and you're golden.
Geoffrey Tegjeu
great goings Daniel, cheers.
Marion O'Connell
Made me smile..Tweeted !!
Mark Harai
LOL! Yep, that'll do it, Daniel! : )
Daniel Zeevi
I don't know Mark, I think Facebook still keeps a copy for the Feds or in case you want to come back :)
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