14 Spy Cats that might be Federal Agents

colonel meow

Many reports have surfaced recently discussing how agents in our government like to spy on other people, or better known as citizens. But it turns out humans aren’t the only ones doing the spying these days. Sure the army has access to high tech drones and other gadgets, but when it comes to patrolling the streets of our own country, their espionage methods need to be a little more subtle. And what better way is there to creep on someone than with a cute cat strolling by? So the next time you lock eyes with a cat sitting on top of a Verizon dish or staring over at you from another cubicle at work, think twice about your next move!

the art of military strategy

Surveillance cat is watching you

new sherrif in town

sniper cat

spy kitty

spy cat in drawer

spy cat confesses

cubicle cat cpy

spy among us

pool cat

hovercat to base

cat battle tank

spy cat level 80

fireman kittyvia imgur

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