#MothersDay Public Service Announcement: Call Your Mom

Social media is changing everything. “It’s where you go to laugh. It’s where you go to cry. Where you go to experience and share.” You can connect with friends, celebrities, politicians and anyone else you can think of. So when you’re looking for the latest trends, you go straight to places like Twitter. And according to Twitter when it’s Mother’s Day, and you want to let her know how much you love her, you send your mom a tweet saying… “wait, stop, what the f*ck are you doing?” Give your mom a call or better yet a visit!

You really don’t need the internet for everything! But you still may need to take a gander at this comic before that lame Mother’s Day gift you were about to give her:
mothers day giftvia thejoyoftech

Is your mom on Twitter?


Here’s to the moms:


And if your still short on words, how about some inspiration from the Kid President?

Thanks for everything moms, we love you!

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