Now Attach Photos from Your Smartphone Straight into Gmail

screenshot of inserting google+ images into gmail

Have you ever wanted to attach photos from your phone into an email you were composing on your desktop? Now Gmail makes this process easier than ever with its new Insert Photos button.

Gmail announced yesterday that users can now insert photos from Google+ directly into messages composed in Gmail on the Web. For users who automatically back up their photos onto Google+, this means all your phone photos are just one click away from Gmail.

screenshot of the new insert photo button in gmail

Gmail’s new Insert Photo button (as seen above) will instantly pull up your Auto Backup photos and other photos from your Google+ account, starting with the most recent. You can insert individual photos, share entire albums and even resize images while composing your email.

To take advantage of this feature you’ll have to turn on Auto Backup on your Android or iOS device so that your photos are automatically saved to Google+.

Do you use Auto Backup on your phone?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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