Want to Buffer Your Posts to a Google+ Page? There’s Finally an App for That

Screenshot of Buffering to the DashBurst Google+ page

Screenshot of Buffering to the DashBurst Google+ page

Google+, a rising underdog in the world of online social networks, is known for limiting which third-party developers can build productivity tools that feed into Google+. Previously Google has partnered with Adobe, Hootsuite, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sprout Social, and other social media management companies to create management tools for Google+ pages. Google+ is slowly opening up to third parties, though: last week Google released an API allowing domains to connect to Google+. Buffer is among the first service (if not the very first) to take advantage of this API by adding support for Google+ pages.

Buffer is a Web service and mobile app that allows you to stagger posts to your social networks. Previously, Buffer supported Facebook profiles and pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles and groups, and App.net accounts. Now you can Buffer posts to Google+ pages, too: just visit Buffer’s accounts page and add your pages.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to Buffer posts to your personal Google+ profile, as Google has yet to release an API for personal Google+ accounts.

Buffer recently added custom scheduling and a feature for Buffering retweets.

What do you think: will Google ever provide an API for personal Google+ accounts, or will it always force us to post manually?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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