Buffer Now Lets You Schedule Retweets

schedule retweets from web

Buffer has just rolled out the ability to schedule a retweet from Twitter via web and mobile. This has been one of the most highly requested feature requests at Buffer and we are thrilled to welcome the feature.

Buffer says on their blog:

We couldn’t be any more excited to finally release this for everyone today. Being able to schedule your retweets with Buffer gives you an awesome opportunity to show your support and engagement for other people’s tweets – without ever flooding your followers with too much content.

How to Buffer Retweets on the Web

Now you can easily schedule a native retweet with the click of a button. With the Buffer browser extension installed, you can schedule the retweet across multiple accounts, just like you do with regular tweets.

schedule retweets from web

You can also easily change the retweet to the old school style “RT @username: Text of tweet” format by hovering over the window and choosing to “Change to Quote.” This could be an added bonus for many while others might not like the extra step now required for old school retweets.
change to quote retweet

Of course, after buffering retweets, you’ll have the ability to visit your queued tweets and shuffle, delete, or edit your posts, as well as change native style retweets to quotes.
buffer queue

How to Buffer Retweets on Your Mobile Device

The new Buffer feature also allows you to schedule retweets while on the go. From any Twitter client on your mobile device, simply email the tweet to your secret buffer email address.
email to buffer

You also have the ability to save this email address directly from the Buffer Android or iPhone apps by saving it to your contacts. Now whenever you browse through your favorite mobile Twitter clients, just hit “mail Tweet” and it will be added to your queue.
mail tweet
Do you use the Buffer app? Are you happy to see these upgrades?

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